About Him



Nahum makes me smile.  I am always happy when he walks through the door and I hate it when he’s late.  We work and play together and still can’t get enough of each other.  Yes, we’re THAT couple!

He is a thoughtful husband, nurturing father and my best friend.  He is my business partner, my fitness coach, my labor and delivery cheerleader and the person I share my dreams with. He’s my silver fox!

I never met someone who could annoy me and then have me giggling in the span of sixty seconds.  After all these years, he still brings me flowers.    He is an amazing self taught vegan chef and by some miracle he chose to spend the rest of his life with me.

Nahum loves football, ESPN and Ohio State his alma mater.  He also loves wine and pasta. Did I mention that he loves football?  He idolizes his dad and loves having get togethers just to share huge vegan meals with family and friends.

And although he grew up across the river in New Jersey, I think he turned out alright for a Jersey boy! 😉

Together we have five children and they love him just as much as I do!


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