Olive cheese cubed on an herb mixed salad.

Olive cheese cubed on an herb mixed salad.

We are a vegan family running a vegan business.  We chose veganism because it was right for us but do believe it is right for all humanity.  We love to entertain and were on a quest to find a suitable vegan gourmet cheese that could easily be paired with wine.  We could not find a brand that had the taste and texture that we were looking for; therefore, we decided to make one.  Our mission now is to provide a high quality vegan cheese alternative and share our love of vegan food.

Our goal with Ste Martaen [In your best French accent pronounced Sahn Mar-tahn] is not to emulate dairy cheese, but to offer consumers a product that can elegantly substitute it’s dairy counterpart or enhance your everyday vegan meal.  Our Ste Martaen cheese alternatives are Vegan and 100% Dairy, Soy and Gluten Free.  Unlike most of vegan cheese brands on the market today, we do not add additional oils or emulsifiers to imitate the high fat content of dairy cheese.  This process results in a less healthy and higher than needed saturated fat content.  Instead, Ste Martaen products are low in saturated fats and provide a source of protein, vitamins and minerals.  The Ste Martaen vegan cheese alternatives present exceptional taste when eaten alone and pair brilliantly with a variety of wines.  Ste Martaen cheeses compliment a diverse range of food applications…they can be sliced for a sandwich, shredded for a taco, cubed for a salad, or melted in a quesadilla.  However, please experiment and try our vegan cheese in other ways as we will on our food blog.

Our blog was developed to share our everyday vegan meals, life experiences in raising a vegan family, and journey as new business owners.  We love to cook and entertain and want to express this through our newly developed e-family.  We’re glad you are following along, thanks for the support, and enjoy our food!

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