March 2013

It’s the 3rd month in the the 13th year of 2000.  Does that sound correct?  Anyway, I wanted to write a monthly update in regards to what is going on with Ste Martaen.  We still primarily do vegan cheese and that is still the foundation of how this all began.  While I run this tiny little company, I kind of love that we still do things small.  I answer most of the e-mails, package each shipment and correspond with buyers.  My future plans include something very different than what I am doing now, however I do consider this an epic moment in my life.  Running a company and raising children makes for a really long to-do list.  😉

If you are a buyer and would love to feature Ste Martaen cheese in your market, coop or grocery store please shoot me an e-mail.

If you are a potential customer and would love to purchase Ste Martaen cheese at your local market, coop or grocery store, tell the owners and have them shoot me an e-mail.

The Vegan Foodtruck by Ste Martaen is still in operation as a delivery service, vending and catering entity.  We have plans to bring the physical truck back in April but if the logistics and my sanity require that I stick to delivery, vending and catering then…

Thank you so much for the interest and support.





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