Vegan Food Truck Week 3 …and a giveaway

Focaccia Sandwich

The focaccia sandwich that we introduced last week was a huge hit!  We are overjoyed that people love our food. 🙂

We’re doing thanksgiving dinner this week, vegan style of course.  Check out the menu over on the vegan food truck page.

In honor of giving thanks week, we’re giving away all 5 of our cheeses to one lucky winner!  This contest is open to everyone, however if the winner is from Chicago, we’ll do our best to make sure you get your cheese before feast day.  Otherwise, we will ship your cheeses out between Monday and Wednesday of next week.  A winner will be chosen at random.


In the comments section: a) If you have tasted a meal from the vegan food truck, what was your favorite?  b) If you have not tasted a meal from the vegan truck, what would you try if you could?  c) If a) & b) do not apply to you, then what do you dream about eating from a vegan food truck?


  1. Keep it vegan.
  2. Have fun.
  3. All entries must be submitted by Wednesday, November 24th, 11:59PM.

Vegans are awesome!

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29 comments on “Vegan Food Truck Week 3 …and a giveaway”

  1. regina

    I have not had anything (yet) from the Vegan food truck, but I could go for pecan pie.

  2. Stephanie

    I haven’t been to Chicago since the vegan food truck made its debut, but I’d really love to try the BBQ ‘beef’ pita.

  3. Ellen

    I haven’t had the chance try anything yet but the focaccia sandwich looks great. Also the pomegranate glazed tofu foe T-day sounds devine.

  4. Sabrina

    Excited to try the truck- Just think in one day I could have a start with a breakfast burrito- move on to the tasty sounding Chicago BBQ Beef pita w/ shredded Smoked Gouda and round it all off that night with some Pecan pie!

  5. Joe Janes

    I tired the BBQ Twist on a whim, not sure if I would like it or not. Loved it! It rocks.

  6. Eric

    Breakfast burrito was awesome. I especially liked how warm it was off the truck!

  7. Bob

    The BBQ beef pita was incredible!

    And I hope I get a chance to try that Mac N Cheese!

  8. Tara

    I had the SV dinner of BBQ tofu, greens, and Mac and Cheese. I’ve also had the Chocolate Silk Pie. All were delicious, and the mac and cheese is the best I have EVER had (and that includes all “real” mac and cheese I had before going vegan). Cannot wait to try the focaccia sandwich next! Thank you for all that you do for the vegan community, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Tracey

    i got the seitan beef sandwich and it was AWESOME. i also had the chocolate pie which was equally delicious. i would love a plate of a vegan meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and greens. yum…

  10. mark

    I was gonna say shredded chicken tacos but after seeing Tara’s rave above, I’m gonna go with mac and cheese!

    The Vegan Food Truck is the most exciting vegan thing happening in Chicago right now!

  11. Lisa

    a) If you have tasted a meal from the vegan food truck, what was your favorite? I am up here in Evanston- come over here!!! b) If you have not tasted a meal from the vegan truck, what would you try if you could? Chicago BBQ Beef pita w/ shredded Smoked Gouda (I have to say- I have no idea what that is) c) If a) & b) do not apply to you, then what do you dream about eating from a vegan food truck? Something warm and fatty- you heard it is going to snow right? How about a cheesy mother-in-law (tamale in a bun) with mango salsa? Other than that…the gyro. I could have one everyday with that cucumber thickness.

  12. Diana

    I haven’t had the chance to get anything from the food truck yet, but I can’t wait to try the focaccia sandwich and the pecan pie – maybe tonight! I love your cheese and would be so excited to win all the flavors. Thank you for all that you do!!

  13. Megan

    I got the tacos, mac and cheese and focaccia sandwich on Saturday. They were all great, but my boyfriend and I ended up fighting over the focaccia sandwich. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Unfortunately you were out of the desserts, but we’re looking forward to trying those next time we hook up with the truck!

  14. Beth

    I’m regrettably way too far away to be a customer 🙁 West Chester PA. But I’ve had this dream of making a vegan buffalo chicken cheese steak since I went vegan a year ago. “chicken” steak, buffalo sauce, and creamy blue cheez dressing on a hoagie roll…. drool.

  15. Emily

    The focaccia is definitely my favorite! Not that I tried anything else (yet), but it’s awesome. I was impressed and can’t wait until I see you guys again and fore-go my pre-packed lunch for a much more delicious lunch in the loop. I also love all of your cheeses that I’ve tried at Delicious Cafe! MMMM!

  16. Andrew

    In the 309,345 times I have dined from the food truck in the past week imam unable to name just one favorite.

    I can narrow it down to the Focaccia sandwich and the Breakfast Burrito.

    If pressed to choose just one, I’d marry breakfast burrito since it is easier to eat on the go and I’d have a hot wet sloppy affair with the Foccacia sandwich.

  17. Kelly

    The truck and I always seem to be in opposite locations. One day I shall find it. Then I will have BBQ Beef and French Silk Pie!

  18. Amber

    I have sadly not tasted a meal from a vegan food truck, but I would so love to try your roasted brussels sprouts and pomegranate glazed tofu!

  19. Beverly

    The chocolate mousse pie is AH-MAZING. I’m glad I took your advice and got it instead of the pecan pie. (Not that I’ve tried the pecan pie to compare… it could be equally FAB.) I don’t think the mac was offered as a side… can you do that for next time? YUM!

  20. Kadia

    1)I’ve never had food from a vegan food truck; they don’t have them here in the part of N.C. that I live, unfortunately.

    2)I would absolutely love to try food from a vegan truck; I’m in the midst of transitioning! 🙂

    3)I would be willing to try anything from a vegan food truck; it’s certainly much better than all the insalubrious food most restaurants serve 🙂

  21. John

    The focaccia sandwich has been making my mouth water since I’ve heard about it. I wish I was able to get into the city at a reasonable time 🙁

  22. Amos Willis

    I have not had the pleasure of eating from the food truck, but the updates make me salivate every evening. I am usually one for vegan breakfast burritos, but the BBQ pita will be my final answer.

  23. meansoybean

    I’ve never had the opportunity to eat a food truck meal, they aren’t allowed in Quebec, and I’ve never encountered one elsewhere that had vegan things. However, if I did find myself in the presence of a vegan food truck, I’d stand next to it and try stuff til I ran out of money.

    A good-sized sandwich — just about anything would do — or maybe a poutine! Something Mexican (tacos, burritos, nachos) would be cool. Freshly fried donuts?! Vegan ice cream, mcflurries or slushies for sure!

    Gosh, now I’m hungry.

  24. Chris

    a) I have not YET.
    b) I would like to try the BBQ beef pita, the breakfast burrito, the pecan pie, and the buffalo tofu and mac n’ cheese.

  25. anna

    i’ve only had one of the sv meals so far, but i’ve heard so much about this focaccia sandwich, i need to try it soon. and right now i am looking forward to some delicious thanksgiving food!

  26. Tara

    I have yet to taste food from the vegan truck, but I have been dreaming of the breakfast burrito listed on the website ever since I found out about you! The Thanksgiving meal sounds amazing as well, I will be placing my order today!

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