A Night to Remember


The Mercy For Animals’ 2nd annual Celebrating Compassion Gala was amazing! This has been such a hectic holiday season and we prepped ourselves for this event, however it’s been a while and we don’t get out much…together. I had so much fun being around grown ups, dressing up, serving our cheese, taking pictures, hanging with friends (Kevin & Chelsea) and spending time with my Silver Fox!


The man behind the Ste Martaen brand.


Our spread. Many people came back not only for seconds and thirds, but fourths and fifths. We were flattered!


We shared the table with other vegan Chicago local talent–Karyn’s and Great Taste Cafe. Their food was so beautifully presented!


Karyn’s Raw Sushi Rolls


Great Taste Cafe Roasted Sweet Potato with Chipotle Cream & Green Onions


So Pretty!


Early on in the evening before we were swarmed…


The decor was quite beautiful! The room where we ate dinner was amazing, however it was so dark in there I didn’t attempt pictures. The dinner meal was provided by the lovely people from Chicago Diner, dessert was Delicious Cafe, Raw Creations and Great Taste Cafe, the Late Night meal was provided by Uptons Naturals (someone stole our sandwiches) 🙁 , Pattycake Vegan Bakery (They had so many vegan desserts to choose from, it was a true dessert buffet!) and Turtle Mountain.


The cast from Oh Brother Where Art Thou showed up! j/k 😉


Kevin auditioning for the new Bond movie.


Not really.


Food, friends and fun!

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4 comments on “A Night to Remember”

  1. Marla

    What lovely pictures! What a beautiful night! What delicious vegan cheeses. Thank you, Laviyah and Nahum!

  2. Kimberly MCRae

    Hey Darling:

    This is your cousin in Seattle. The speard looks wonderful, your mom and grandma have been raving about the cheese. Can’t wait to sample. What stores on my end can I find it? Congratulations on your success!

  3. OhsoKool

    A big “oh yeah” to the fruit-n-cheese-pic on top. 🙂

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