• Catering Menu – We have a full scale catering menu and can handle a party of 1 or 200.  How big or small, it’s up to you.  Ste Martaen is here for you.
  • Menu Planning – Vegan curious? Going from vegetarian to vegan or needing ideas for meatless meals? I am here to assist you every step of the way…for businesses or individuals.
  • Cabinet Detox – Cabinets full of refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Let’s donate it and help you identify whole foods that will provide you with optimal nutrition and improved health.
  • Shop & Restock – Cabinets cleaned out?  Need assistance with how and where to shop?  Learn to read ingredients. Learn to identify plant based foods.  Learn to shop anywhere, on a budget or without a spending limit.  Learn how to eat a plant based diet on ANY income.
  • Cooking Demos – Need a cooking class? From beginner to advanced.  Available for couples, groups or individuals.



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