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The Vegan Stoner

I found the cutest little vegan website. I love their simple and easy recipes and their cute little drawings. Please go visit them. The Vegan Stoner

Corn chowder recipe coming this week. My Chicago family is going to truly appreciate this homey and satisfying recipe with all the snow we are due for this […]

And the Winner is….

It seems a simple enough sentence to finish, but, of course, I had to make it complicated. The complication, however, is a good one. Instead of ‘a’ winner, we have two winners. The original winner was to be chosen by a random number generator. So, after the close of the giveaway, my wife ran […]

I have a dilemna…actually several

Let’s start with these. The shelf life of our vegan cheeses is 3 weeks. I have been thinking about how to extend this. We currently sell our product in plastic containers and I have been thinking about vacuum sealing for a while. I want to keep the oval shape of the cheese, but how […]

VeganMania Marks the Next Phase

Yesterday was the VeganMania event in Chicago. It was a great cap to a very busy week. After months of delaying our company’s growth with my “I’m taking it slow” mantra, the time has arrived to expand. Gearing up for the VeganMania event has revealed that Ste Martaen can handle a dramatic increase in […]

He loves it, he really loves it!

Yes, yes he is back to normal. The swelling of his eye went down approximately 48 hours after surgery. Why it took approximately 48 days to share that tidbit of information is all my daughter’s fault. Blame it on the infant. Anyway, I made some spinach pesto the other night and when the little […]


A major milestone was reached yesterday. My baby younger sister Azania turned 30. July is a very interesting month for me because all three of my biological sisters are born in the month of July and I stand alone in the month of August. My other sister Emily turns 21 this month and that […]


Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful fathers out there. As a gift to myself, I am posting my favorite poem that was written by my wife entitled ‘He’. I absolutely love this poem & I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


his kiss is like the sweetness […]

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