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Corn Chowder (long awaited)

I made this corn chowder twice the week of the great blizzard of 2011. It was so good, comforting and just yummy. With the weather warming up and the snow melting, I know I am a little late. I’ve been super busy–which is a good thing for Ste Martaen. I have a to-do list […]

The Vegan Stoner

I found the cutest little vegan website. I love their simple and easy recipes and their cute little drawings. Please go visit them. The Vegan Stoner

Corn chowder recipe coming this week. My Chicago family is going to truly appreciate this homey and satisfying recipe with all the snow we are due for this […]

Pasta Pie

After much cajoling, helpful nudging and threats, I am finally posting our Pasta Pie recipe. I appreciate all the interest after my wife’s set up post. Thanks for the requests and reminders from our social network of friends.



I forgot where I found the inspiration for this dish, it wasn’t vegan. We fixed that of course. If you want the recipe for this stupendous treat, you might have to harass my husband on twitter. @stemartaen may be coerced into repeating this dish (bonus for me) and sharing it with the masses (bonus […]

Oven Baked Risotto

This post is by request. I made risotto per the request (sensing a theme here) of my husband and he was so moved he tweeted about it. There aren’t many things that my husband gets emotional about, but when he tweeted that this risotto, had him curled up in a fetal position from utter bliss, […]

Sesame Seed Milk

You see this? It’s homemade milk. No cows were involved. This milk is so simple and easy and the possibilities are endless. I eat it in smoothies, with cereal or in my homemade chai. It’s super healthy and if you choose to use sesame seeds like I do, then you will get an extra […]

Vegan Blender Waffles

I made waffles. It’s serious… I’ve made waffles before, but they were never good. They were blah. I knew I could do better, I just didn’t know how. Sue Gregg has entered into my life and I am a changed woman. She has shown me the way. I was kind of skeptical at first. […]

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