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We’ve been soooo incredibly busy for the past few months. Took the kiddies to Legoland during the break. They got to take a picture with President Barack Obama…the lego version.


Raising Healthy Vegan Children (Part 2)

Supplements My children take most or all of the above supplements on a daily basis. They pretty much mirror what my mother fed my sisters and I growing up. This supplement thing is a good habit I maintained from my youth.


Raising healthy vegan children (Part 1)

As the mother of four healthy vegan children I get asked a lot of questions. The questions are often specific to what my children eat. If you are a vegan and want your children to be too, its actually quite simple. I will let you in on a little secret. Make good food. I […]

Healthy Families

I took my children to the museum earlier this week. I was shocked by how many obese parents and children there were. If you are obese, I am not in judgment of you, I am more than hopeful that I can help you. I know something is seriously wrong with the way Americans eat when […]

Pitter Pat

This is just a ploy to get you to ignore the fact that this is not a recipe post. Don’t worry, we didn’t run out of vegan recipes that will make your inner thighs touch (unfortunately I know this as fact). This month went by so quickly. Where does the time go?


She eats grass, they roll around in it

The food, I know, I know, I will get back to that in a sec. Be patient. It’s just me since my husband utterly refuses to post recipes. He’s on strike, something about the wages and working conditions. In between relatives visiting and having a 100% raw house-guest who is visiting for an extended period […]

He loves it, he really loves it!

Yes, yes he is back to normal. The swelling of his eye went down approximately 48 hours after surgery. Why it took approximately 48 days to share that tidbit of information is all my daughter’s fault. Blame it on the infant. Anyway, I made some spinach pesto the other night and when the little […]

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