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Raising Healthy Vegan Children (Part 2)

Supplements My children take most or all of the above supplements on a daily basis. They pretty much mirror what my mother fed my sisters and I growing up. This supplement thing is a good habit I maintained from my youth.


Raising healthy vegan children (Part 1)

As the mother of four healthy vegan children I get asked a lot of questions. The questions are often specific to what my children eat. If you are a vegan and want your children to be too, its actually quite simple. I will let you in on a little secret. Make good food. I […]

Healthy Families

I took my children to the museum earlier this week. I was shocked by how many obese parents and children there were. If you are obese, I am not in judgment of you, I am more than hopeful that I can help you. I know something is seriously wrong with the way Americans eat when […]

The Vegan Pantry (Items We Cannot Live Without)

I wish!

Feeding a family of six on an entirely vegan diet is not as difficult as it sounds as long as you keep the pantry stocked with these must have ingredients.

Bragg Liquid Aminos – We use this as a salt substitute in many dishes. If Nahum were stuck on a deserted island, […]

Mom, Birthdays & Bobby Flay

Mom & Me

This has been an up, down and all out interesting week so far. My mother had heart valve replacement surgery yesterday. The surgery went well as determined by the doctors. It is hard to say something went well after having your chest ripped open, heart stopped and new parts put in. […]

Are your children vegan?

The Princess

One question I get asked a lot after I tell people that I am the vegan mother of four children is:

Are your children vegan?

I always think it is an odd question. I can’t imagine being a vegan and raising meat eating children. The idea of cooking separate meals within a […]

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