Good News

You can now buy Ste Martaen cheese at this wonderful online store: The good people at ordered our product, liked it and wanted to add it to the offerings on their website.  Kewl right?  Now, go buy some cheese. 😉


I just wanted to do a quick post about phone messages.  Potential customers have left messages on the veganfoodtruck request line about ordering cheese as well as special requests regarding the foodtruck.  Some messages unfortunately were accidentally deleted.  If you desire catering from the foodtruck menu or wholesale and/or retail from Ste Martaen vegan cheese,

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Howdy visitors old and new!

Welcome!  We’re so glad you found us!  If you’re looking to order cheese, click on that big bold text on the left that says ORDER CHEESE.  You might want to peruse the product page to check out the ingredients and nutritional information.  If you are here to check out the foodtruck, click on the food

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The Vegan Stoner

I found the cutest little vegan website. I love their simple and easy recipes and their cute little drawings. Please go visit them. The Vegan Stoner Corn chowder recipe coming this week. My Chicago family is going to truly appreciate this homey and satisfying recipe with all the snow we are due for this week!

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Back to Basics

I really want to get back to posting delicious vegan recipes.  I made corn chowder tonight. It was most excellent. Recipe soon come. Thank you everyone for being so supportive during this challenging time. Love.

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