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Laviyah has been my best friend since the day we united.  She is truly dynamic and I often catch myself wondering how she accomplishes so much in a day.  Laviyah is a wife, mother, home-schooler, techno geek, business partner, new age environmentalist, lover of all things vegan, poet and writer.  She doesn’t wear make-up because she is naturally beautiful and is incapable of telling a lie because I have done enough for the both of us.

Laviyah was born in Brooklyn and raised by a single mother with her two sisters.  Her mother has imparted a lot of strength, wisdom and conviction which is the root of her principles today.  Laviyah was raised as a vegetarian and was taught never to be afraid of who you are despite the pressures of what society deemed “acceptable.”  Her mother’s child rearing principle was “be consistent and fair” which we have incorporated as our motto.

From the BK, Laviyah went to Bean-town, gained a degree in Information Technology, moved around the country a little bit and showed up on my doorstep at which point I had her at “Hello.”  {At least, that’s how I recall it} Two years later we were married, added two more children to our blended family making five, moved to Chicago and thought it would be a good idea to start a vegan based business.

Laviyah’s favorite things….mangoes, pineapples, museums, CSI, Red Bamboo, Lavender, really good writing, the ocean, warm weather, my cooking, the clearance rack and Israel.  Not necessarily in that order.  My favorite thing about Laviyah…everything…because I couldn’t see myself or Ste Martaen existing without her.

Nahum St. Martin

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