I just wanted to do a quick post about phone messages.  Potential customers have left messages on the veganfoodtruck request line about ordering cheese as well as special requests regarding the foodtruck.  Some messages unfortunately were accidentally deleted.  If you desire catering from the foodtruck menu or wholesale and/or retail from Ste Martaen vegan cheese, please, please send us an e-mail. or info@stemartaen The foodtruck request line is best for texting your location and/or calling when the foodtruck is out and about.  I hope this clears up any confusion.  If you left me a message and I have not responded (your message may have been accidentally deleted) please shoot me an e-mail.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and Stay Vegan!


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2 comments on “Messages”

  1. Risa Freeman

    Hi, Just left a phone message to inquire about selling wholesale cheeses. Are you interested? We are So Cal’s distributor for vegan products to stores and have some great offerings. Have never tried your cheeses, but would love to. We are the distributor for Upton’s seitan, also based in your area.
    Let us know! Thanks, and your cheeses look lovely in the pictures.

  2. laviyah

    Hi Risa,

    We are definitely interested. Will contact you guys a bit later in the week. -Laviyah

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