I’ve been waiting to update everyone on the goings on around here.  Well, truthfully I didn’t know what to say.  Nahum is not here.  In the interim, until he is back, I am running the business as well as the website and the house and the children.  I asked my husband where did he hide his cape because he had to have had super powers.  His phone will not stop ringing which is a testimony to his true character.  Mr. Always Available, Mr. Reliable, he is superman.  I got back on Thursday and have not had a moment to catch my breath.  This person needs that.  This person needs the recipe for this.  This person needs Nahum to help him with something or other.  This child needs this, this child needs that.  It really was never ending when he was here and the ball keeps on rolling.  I am trying to figure things out right now while maintaining the integrity of everything he started in Chicago.   Between the vegan cheese and the foodtruck, he worked incredibly hard.  Anyway, I didn’t write this post to tell his story.  Nahum and I have a place for that — for him to communicate where he is and why.  It’s a loooong story, so be patient as he eeeks it out post by post.  Meanwhile I am on the grind, because I’ve got 4 kiddies to keep track of and a business to run.  Still curious? Nahum speaks.

P.S.  There will be a permanent link on the sidebar to access his personal blog. Thank you for all the well wishes for the recovery of his mother.  She is recovering nicely.

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