El Jibarito

jibarito - chicken and plantain sandwich

This sandwich won for three reasons:

  1. This sandwich starts with tostones.
  2. We never heard of a sandwich with tostones in place of bread.
  3. How can one go wrong with tostones as a foundation for a sandwich?

I bought the plantains today in anticipation of making this treat!  My only quandary is what vegan protein will I put in between my fried plantains?  We’ve discussed seitan, tofu, vegan pastrami, the opportunities are endless.  We’re going to have so much fun figuring out what is most delicious. 😉

So Mark, you are the winner!  Contact laviyah@stemartaen.com to claim your vegan pecan pie!

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1 comment on “El Jibarito”

  1. Kandiss

    I was hoping this one would win! aaaagh cannot wait to eat seventy of them.

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