And the Winner is….


It seems a simple enough sentence to finish, but, of course, I had to make it complicated.  The complication, however, is a good one.  Instead of ‘a’ winner, we have two winners.  The original winner was to be chosen by a random number generator.  So, after the close of the giveaway, my wife ran the number of comments in an online random number generator and produced number 17.  So commenter number 17, Emily, is the winner.

Not so fast.  Since I had not communicated with my wife yet, I also used my online number generator – Twitter.  I posted I needed a number.  I received several replies, but only one duplicate number.  That was 18.  So, my random number generated winner is commenter number 18, Andrew.

So, Emily and Andrew, you lucked up and are both winners for the 5 cheese giveaway.  Thanks for commenting and enjoy the cheese. For me, I’ll be working on my matrimonial communication skills.

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