Love Always Wins

This photo was taken over a year ago, when my daughter was just a wee one. I was sifting through the recipe folder, looking for a recipe to post and finding none, I came across this photo. So much has happened in this year. Our small business has grown and we have celebrated birthdays and cried over the passing of my beloved Grandpa. I want everyone who comes across this to be happy in knowing that love is such an infinite force. It cannot be contained, bottled or canned. I spent two weeks in Georgia with my grandma who had just lost her partner of 65 years. I am so amazed by her strength and her foresight. She was prepared to lose her husband, I wasn’t prepared to lose the man who had stepped in as my father for the past 30 years.

When my grandparents still lived in NYC, they took me everywhere with them. I went on countless road trips from NYC to Georgia. I remember my grandmother always making more food than we could eat and my grandfather always impeccably dressed. He was a proud man and he was always loving, affectionate and proud of me. I was their first grandchild and the only grandchild for ten years. My father being their only child, they welcomed me, an unexpected gift as their daughter. As I write this, the love and positive example that he showed me is engraved permanently in my heart and my soul.

Like my grandfather, I am quiet, choosy even with the folks that I share my life with. However, “I love you” should never be left unsaid. I am grateful that I have the loving memories of the times that I spent with my grandpa. He could always make me laugh. He didn’t miss much and often had colorful observations to share.

As you read this, you must know that love is a powerful choice and it feels so good to have it in your life. If you are out there seeking it, stop, for it is first found within. Everything is already there, just open your eyes. If you are going through a hard time, if there are troubles in your midst, remember to love. Give love freely in kindness to others and receive love through forgiveness.

I am just sharing with you a portion of my journey because I have found that love always wins, the spirit lives on and we are all magnificent beings with an amazing capacity for love.

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3 comments on “Love Always Wins”

  1. kane

    Thank you both for sharing this about your grandpa. Sorry for your loss, sis. I know how much your grandparents have meant to you. Beautiful tributes from you both.

  2. Kylie

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory. Your grandfather must have been a remarkable man.

  3. Desdemona

    Thanks for sharing as you negotiate the strange and wonderful territory of loss, and its bittersweet flipside, the appreciation for the love we’ve had for and from those who have passed. I lost my own mother in June, and as the feelings and memories wash over me – sometimes in waves, sometimes in gentle eddies – I realize that this summer will always stand out in my mind as a time when I was acutely aware of just how much she meant to me, and just how precious it is to be loved in that way, and to have the opportunity to pass it on to my own three children. All the best to you and your family.

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