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I forgot where I found the inspiration for this dish, it wasn’t vegan. We fixed that of course. If you want the recipe for this stupendous treat, you might have to harass my husband on twitter. @stemartaen may be coerced into repeating this dish (bonus for me) and sharing it with the masses (bonus for you). Harassment, coercion, manipulation??? It just might work!

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4 comments to Inspiration

  • mark

    I’m speechless. That looks amazing! What’s inside?

  • Love how the pasta is the “crust”… yes, someone should definitely harass your husband for the recipe.

  • I cannot wait for you to tell us what is in this! I am drooling in anticipation for this yummy dish! i was at a restaurant a few years back and they made an artichoke pie. They would not tell us how to make it. We came home, made pie after pie, till we got really close. We ate a lot of artichokes that week… ha ha

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