Chocolate Brownie Almond


I’ve found the answer to world peace. So Delicious aka Turtle Mountain = Pure Bliss. I use so many of their products, I should own stock. I’ve been eating their soy based ice cream for years! However, their coconut milk based products are crazy delicious. Even folks like my hubby who are not big fans of coconut on its own, love the taste of their coconut milk ice cream. My absolute favorite is the Chocolate Brownie Almond. It is silky and smooth with my favorite combination — chocolate and almonds. With the brownie chunks in there, it’s like an extra bonus on bliss. It’s sooooooo good.


Take a look at how amazing!


Okay take a closer look. Yum!

Disclaimer: Turtle Mountain aka So Delicious is totally awesome. However, at the time of this review they don’t know who I am. I have reviewed this product of my own free will.

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  1. Ginger'nSpice

    Your photos are making me salivate! I love Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream! The chocolate is one of my favorite flavors, but I haven’t seen the chocolate brownie almond yet. Now I’m going to ask the manager at the store where I shop to start carrying it! It looks incredible.

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