I have a dilemna…actually several

vegan dilemna

Let’s start with these. The shelf life of our vegan cheeses is 3 weeks. I have been thinking about how to extend this. We currently sell our product in plastic containers and I have been thinking about vacuum sealing for a while. I want to keep the oval shape of the cheese, but how to get a clean edge when vacuum sealed? And, I would want to find some kind of eco-friendly wrap. I haven’t found a green vacuum bag yet.

So, if I do vacuum seal, what would I get? Another 3 weeks or so. Our product is produced fresh weekly, so I don’t know if that “freshness” would last 6 weeks no mater how tightly sealed.

Do I go for freshness or shelf longevity?

Either way, I definitely am changing the packaging. So I have to keep meditating on that aspect as well.

Let’s eat some vegan goodness and think

vegan cheese

Sounds good to you, huh?

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2 comments on “I have a dilemna…actually several”

  1. Lisa

    I would go for freshness. Normally, when my family has dinner parties or events, the cheese finishes that same day. If not the same day, within the week. If people are purchasing gourmet cheese for events or parties, most likely they would do so with the timing of the event in mind. I would buy cheese and then serve it 6 weeks later.

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