Healthy Families

I took my children to the museum earlier this week. I was shocked by how many obese parents and children there were.  If you are obese, I am not in judgment of you, I am more than hopeful that I can help you.  I know something is seriously wrong with the way Americans eat when I can actually walk to McD’s, but I have to get in a car to go pick up fresh produce.

I understand that there are many parents in my generation who were not taught to cook at home and home ec was pretty much fazed out when I went to school.  To be perfectly honest, looking at how many children are morbidly overweight, I am shocked.

My grandmother tells me that when she was young it was very rare to see a fat person.  She has a lot to say about the current situation.  Most of her observations are true. I, like my grandmother believe that fast food should not be a regular dinner option, if an option at all.  In fact, fast food, is a breakfast, lunch and dinner option for many, many families.  When I came across this TED talk, I had to share it with you all and hopefully you will share the information Jamie Oliver puts forth with everyone you know.

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3 comments on “Healthy Families”

  1. TaNaisha

    Great post Laviya! It’s so sad that most Americans consume over 75 grams of white, processed sugar per day, white processed flour, dough conditioners, endocrine disruptors like BPA, MSG, aspartame, genetically modified foods (GMOs), and toxic fast food. We need to get back to the basics – cooking at home, growing out own food, eating things with just one ingredient/ingredients that we can pronounce, avoiding GMOs like the plague. We need to start living by the rule – “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it!” We need a healthy food revolution and you and Nahum are doing your part. Keep up the good work!

    In Good Health,

  2. Shauna

    Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog! I was shocked when I found MYSELF obese, because I’d always been a thin person who cared about what I ate. But I fell into the typical Amercian habits…picking up fast food a couple times a week, buying lots of processed foods, ate a lot of meat and cheese, ect. When I decided to change things, I had a little difficulty at first and was upset that the weight wasn’t coming off. All of my friends told me there was probably something medical going on with me and I should have my thyroid checked. I don’t have insurance though, so I just plugged along and eventually saw results. I’m down 40+ lbs and only 10 lbs from my goal weight. Obviously my thyroid is fine. Looking back, it’s upsetting to me that my friends would so quickly jump to a medical explanation. Many of them are overweight and it’s possible they make excuses for themselves and were projecting that onto me I guess. I think this happens with a lot of Americans. We either 1) Don’t see just how horribly we eat and want to blame a medical condition or 2) Want to blame someone else for how horribly we eat. It takes a will to change, hard work (lots of meal planning and cooking), and a passion for staying healthy. Crash diets don’t work, which is what so many people rely on to lose weight. Thankfully my bad eating habits hadn’t really affected my son, who was 4 when I changed my diet. He’s a healthy weight and switched to our new diet quite easily.

  3. laviyah

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your wonderful testimony! What a wonderful story. Please come back and visit often. 😉

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