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Vegan “Meat Lovers” Lasagna

Nothing like a dish that incorporates the goodness of faux meat, pasta, vegan cheese and tomatoes. Complete happiness in every bite. We are starting our 6 Weeks, 6 Lasagna’s with a bang. This lasagna is power packed with taste and body. There will be 3 types of faux meat and two types of vegan cheese;

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The Ste Martaen Marinara Sauce

The base of all things good. The sauce that took weeks to perfect. The base that flavors the whole. Yes, The One. Yes, it’s here…The Ste Martaen Marinara Sauce. Alright, enough with the fake hype. As you may know, I hate store bought tomato sauce. For years I have tried every brand under the sun

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Meeting Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond)

As much as I love and have embraced the vegan lifestyle, I certainly ain’t no snob about it. My best friend is not a vegan nor does she plan to be any time soon. We’ve been friends so long that meat does not come between our love and respect for each other. I love my grandparents totally and completely and being meat eaters for over eighty years they eat what I give them as their precious granddaughter when I visit. They think I’m cute but they certainly are not changing their meat eating ways even for me. They also respect my choices and see with their own eyes my four completely healthy vegan children. So when I come across a blogger who eats meat, I don’t immediately turn away, especially if we have common interests.

Kale Chips (even a 9 month old baby will love)

I have seen the dehydrated Kale chips in the raw section of the grocery store for like a gazillion dollars. I’ve been tempted to purchase them, but my pocketbook won’t let me since a bunch of organic kale is relatively cheap in comparison to what the store bought chips cost.

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