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Thai Curry Orange Lentil Soup


The erratic weather here in Chicago has been a welcome reprieve from the imminent winter doom that lingers but now my family is feeling the sick blues. It started with the middle boy, worked it’s way to the little prince and now Momma is down for the count. And I mean down…she hasn’t moved out of bed all day :-( So, looks like a nice batch of a warm and spicy soup to zap the ickies away and tantalize the taste buds as well. What soup can handle this responsibility?…well, the Thai Curry Orange Lentil Soup has answered the challenge. This soup is velvety smooth & nutrient packed with a hint of citrus and a bite of heat. The perfect man for the job.

I use a gallon sized crock pot for this soup. You do all your prep in the morning and let it simmer all day, filling the house with the aroma of good feelings. Let’s start with the veggies:


1 Thai chili (not pictured)
1/2 Bulb Garlic
1/2 medium red onion
1 Cubanelle pepper
2 limes
1 12oz can coconut milk – not the ‘lite’ version or watered down
5 medium red potatoes

Turn your slow cooker on high and add 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Dice the onion, peppers and garlic and add to the crock pot.


Next up, wash your red potatoes.


Dice your potatoes into small chunks and add to the pot. Stir the veggies around to lightly coat with the EV Olive Oil.


Add two dried Bay Leaves.


Then juice your two limes right into the pot. Don’t worry if some pulp falls in; it just adds to the flavor. However, you may want to watch for stray seeds.


Add two cups of orange lentils.


Time to get wet! Add your can of coconut milk.


Add a quart and a half of water.


Cover and let slow cook all day (approx. 6 hours). Take note: (1) Do not add salt right now…got it? No Salt. (2) Do not stir the pot right now. The soup ingredients are layered right now…veggies on bottom and lentils on top. You can stir everything up after and hour. Why? Cause I said so and you need to learn patience. Some cooking techniques just work…and I really don’t know why I do this, but it makes a difference. Trust me, it does :-)

Fast forward. It’s 6 hours later, get our your hand blender.


Blend up all the yumminess until creamy.


Add 2 tablespoons curry powder and 1/2 tablespoon Kosher Salt. I prefer hot curry powder. If you choose not to add the more hot…that’s cool. But please get your curry powder from your local Middle Eastern or Indian market and please don’t use the kind from your local mega-grocery store. The quality is far better and your taste buds will thank you so much more. Mix in with your hand blender. Taste…if you think it needs more salt…well, add some more til your tongue says…yes! Garnish with some cilantro and serve with some cornbread.


Soup’s ON!!!


Now Eat.


Yeah!!!! That makes me feel better already!

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