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Sesame Ginger Noodles

It started last week with our middle son…then momma…then the baby boy…then our oldest son…then me. The FLU!!! Swine flu? I don’t know? But whatever it was, our whole family was affected. Laviyah had it worst. She was bed ridden for 3 straight days. When I say bed ridden, I mean comatose, under the covers,

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Thai Curry Orange Lentil Soup

The erratic weather here in Chicago has been a welcome reprieve from the imminent winter doom that lingers but now my family is feeling the sick blues. It started with the middle boy, worked it’s way to the little prince and now Momma is down for the count. And I mean down…she hasn’t moved out

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3-Grain Veggie Burgers

Back in the recesses of my mind is a memory of a Broccoli Burger served by Whole World Natural Bakery & Restaurant that I can still taste. I haven’t been there since the early 90’s when I was a much darker haired, newly turned vegan, college student. However, unlike my brown hair, the taste has

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Bean Curd Soup with Freekeh

As the weather has changed to the cold reality of Chicago, I can think of only one resolution…a nice hot bowl of Bean Curd Soup!! You know the kind you cup your hands around and let the steam and aroma warm your face. If you have fond memories of mom serving you a hot bowl

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VeganMania Marks the Next Phase

Yesterday was the VeganMania event in Chicago. It was a great cap to a very busy week. After months of delaying our company’s growth with my “I’m taking it slow” mantra, the time has arrived to expand. Gearing up for the VeganMania event has revealed that Ste Martaen can handle a dramatic increase in business.

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Meet the Press

The lovely Marla Rose contacted me the other day, wanting to do a little interview. It’s titled Chicago’s Ste. Martaen makes artisan vegan cheese . I am impressed that she translated my incoherent babbling into an actual newsworthy piece! 😉

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