Simple Things


For a girl raised up in Brooklyn, I love the outdoors.  I spent weeks out of the summers off at camp.  Fishing, hiking, canoeing…  I’ve done it all.  Even jumping into a pool first thing in the morning for Polar Bear.

Summer is over around these parts and I am reluctantly saying goodbye to short sleeve shirts. For some reason this summer in Chicago didn’t turn out to be a scorcher at all. It kind of sucked, mainly because it took soooooo long for the weather to break, but when it did I was elated to get outside amongst the trees and whatnot.


I walked through Hyde Park today and went to a street fair, spent all my money on books walking away a happy women. I am in love with the Simple Things in life…

P.S. Don’t worry, we will be back for our regularly scheduled programing. 😉

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1 comment on “Simple Things”

  1. kim

    Ah the simple things. I love them too! 🙂 Pictures are pretty!

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