She eats grass, they roll around in it

The food, I know, I know, I will get back to that in a sec. Be patient. It’s just me since my husband utterly refuses to post recipes. He’s on strike, something about the wages and working conditions. In between relatives visiting and having a 100% raw house-guest who is visiting for an extended period of time. Homeschooling the kiddies, organizing, decluttering, we managed to make it outside for some much needed sunshine.


I think the pic above describes the dynamic between the boys perfectly. The eldest being bossy, the middle son playing along and my youngest son doing whatever the heck he wants to do. This time, it’s running to me to tell on his older brothers.


My daughter ate grass, because that’s what babies do. She seemed to enjoy it. She needed the roughage. All the cheerios and yogurt she eats had her backed up.


One day I will run a comb through this child’s head.


Why are boys so prone to violence?


This is Mr. Sensitivity. He loves to cook and long walks in the park… I am going to have to beat them back with a stick in a couple of years.


Just as long as they all know that their number one job is to protect this little princess right here.

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3 comments on “She eats grass, they roll around in it”

  1. kane

    grr! thank you for pointing the babies out to mme. i love these photos. so much is captured in them. i love the eating grass part… babies eat grass, adults smoke it.


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