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The Vegan Pantry (Items We Cannot Live Without)

I wish!

Feeding a family of six on an entirely vegan diet is not as difficult as it sounds as long as you keep the pantry stocked with these must have ingredients.

Bragg Liquid Aminos – We use this as a salt substitute in many dishes. If Nahum were stuck on a deserted island, […]

She eats grass, they roll around in it

The food, I know, I know, I will get back to that in a sec. Be patient. It’s just me since my husband utterly refuses to post recipes. He’s on strike, something about the wages and working conditions. In between relatives visiting and having a 100% raw house-guest who is visiting for an extended period […]

Simple Things

For a girl raised up in Brooklyn, I love the outdoors. I spent weeks out of the summers off at camp. Fishing, hiking, canoeing… I’ve done it all. Even jumping into a pool first thing in the morning for Polar Bear.

Summer is over around these parts and I am reluctantly saying goodbye to […]

Vegan Quesadilla’s

The husband and I got a Quesadilla maker for our wedding and we haven’t looked back since.

There was life before the Quesadilla maker and life afterward. We like the latter. Anyway, experimenting with our cheese one day, we discovered a whole new way of eating it, other than in cube form sitting on […]

He loves it, he really loves it!

Yes, yes he is back to normal. The swelling of his eye went down approximately 48 hours after surgery. Why it took approximately 48 days to share that tidbit of information is all my daughter’s fault. Blame it on the infant. Anyway, I made some spinach pesto the other night and when the little […]

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