Vegan Caviar

Vegan Meetup

I found a new love! Well, aside from my husband and children. It’s called vegan caviar. Having never actually tasted caviar, I have nothing to compare this too, however I hope this saves a lot of fish eggs. This vegan caviar is made from seaweed and someone brought it to the vegan meetup and potluck this weekend at Foster Beach. Aside from meeting the wonderful vegans in attendance and the people who tried our cheese and raved about it. The caviar for me was the highlight of the day. My husband had to stop me from eating the last one, because it was love at first bite. Excuse the crumply napkin, this little delight disappeared as soon as I took the picture.

Now if someone could make a vegan lox, then my life would be complete.

Forgive me. I really should have taken more pictures, but how often do we vegans get to eat everything at party? I behaved like a little piggy, trying out all the tasty dishes.

However I did remember something vitally important.

Vegan Meetup

The princess modeling her first bathing suit. Isn’t she cute?

Vegan Meetup

And the little prince had fun too!

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