Update and a Little Prayer

For those of you that have been reading about my baby son’s condition, he is scheduled for his outpatient procedure on the 29th.  We met with the surgeon today and she was straightforward and open with us.  Of course my little boy was oblivious and was more interested in playing with the toy on the wall.

Walking into the hospital, he appears like such a tiny little thing.  It’s all a novelty to him, just one big adventure.  Now, when we leave the house, he asks if we are going to the doctor, because he had so much fun the last time!

I am just thankful and grateful that he is a healthy child.  I know there are parents sitting in hospitals wishing that they were just there for a bump and a bruise.  Walking up to the hospital I said a silent prayer for parents of children with serious illnesses, that they have the strength to cope, to be strong for their babies, to have hope.

Although it is important that he get this procedure, I also know that there are far worse things than fluid leaking into my babies little sack.

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