A major milestone was reached yesterday.  My baby younger sister Azania  turned 30.  July is a very interesting month for me because all three of my biological sisters are born in the month of July and I stand alone in the month of August.  My other sister Emily turns 21 this month and that is yet another milestone among birthdays. 


Anyway, my sister had a wonderful surprise party yesterday with friends and family in attendance.  I wasn’t in attendance for obvious reasons and my mother well she has become a slave.  She’ll deny it, but these days I have to drag her away so she can enjoy life.

My sister had a marvelous time and she will never ever forget this birthday.  She even got to wear a couture dress!  Her boyfriend and best-friend planned the soiree and she told me this morning that her day was just perfect!

I’m not a middle child, so I have less of a hankering than my middle sister to be the center of attention.  When we were growing up, I never imagined that we could be such good friends, and that we would need each other so much, that we would call each other every other day or every day or every hour if need be or that I would cry when she surprised me at my wedding. 


There were many days I wanted to push her down the stairs, ring her neck.  As little sisters go, she was probably on the naughty list for a very long time.  She wore my clothes without asking, she purposely embarrassed me in front of my boyfriends, she was a tattletale, a showoff, a knowitall a busybody!  That was the shortlist!  As a woman, she is strong, resilient, talented, intelligent, opinionated, beautiful and intuitive.


Angola, our baby sister was in on the surprise and made her amazing lasagna.  People talk about her lasagna for days!  Angola celebrated her birthday on the 5th and as a single mom, she is most like our mother.  She is finding her way in the world and raising a child all on her own.  Angola wasn’t half as annoying as Azania growing up.  I always had a soft spot for her anyway, she was always my gorgeous chinky eyed scrawny baby sister.  Scrawny no longer and curvy as ever, she is the most giving, sweetest woman you will ever know, did I mention that she is beautiful too!  We all are.  I must say mom, that you did good!

Anyway, my baby sister Emily will turn 21 very shortly and she is the only sister that I don’t know very well.  Unfortunately, my biological father, although he has fathered three children, has only raised two.  To the annoyance of my grandmother (my father’s mother), he has not been very involved in my life, nor has he had me involved in his.  This past May I promised my grandmother that I would reach out to my sister Emily and bring her in to the fold.  We have done OK communicating online, it’s just that yesterday reminded me how swiftly time passes by, so I think I will write my sister a note and invite her to the big city when I make my next trip to NYC.  We’ll see what happens.

Happy Birthday to all of my little sisters!

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