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Surgery or Heavyweight Bout?

I’m so proud of the Little Prince.  Yesterday was his surgery to correct his Hydrocoele.  He handled it like a champion…never cried once, very patient, followed all the doctors instructions…very stoic.  Both my wife and I handled everything well also…at least on the outside.  It is very emotional to have your child go through any

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Still Kickin’

We’ve got lots in store for you. Just wanted to check in and give you a quick update. I wanted to say something cool to excuse my absence, like I was at blogher or visiting Pioneerwoman at her ranch and introducing her to our brand of vegan cookin’. Oh well, that wasn’t the case. We

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Update and a Little Prayer

For those of you that have been reading about my baby son’s condition, he is scheduled for his outpatient procedure on the 29th.  We met with the surgeon today and she was straightforward and open with us.  Of course my little boy was oblivious and was more interested in playing with the toy on the

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Extra Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake

Please make this cake! This cake represents all of what is right in the world. This cake is the answer for everlasting world peace. This is what Marie Antionette meant when she said, “Let them eat cake!” (I know she didn’t really say that.) I’m just sayin’ this cake is that awesome! You will forget

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