Monthly Archives: July 2009

Surgery or Heavyweight Bout?

I’m so proud of the Little Prince.  Yesterday was his surgery to correct his Hydrocoele.  He handled it like a champion…never cried once, very patient, followed all the doctors instructions…very stoic.  Both my wife and I handled everything well also…at least on the outside.  It is very emotional to have your child go through any

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Still Kickin’

We’ve got lots in store for you. Just wanted to check in and give you a quick update. I wanted to say something cool to excuse my absence, like I was at blogher or visiting Pioneerwoman at her ranch and introducing her to our brand of vegan cookin’. Oh well, that wasn’t the case. We

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A major milestone was reached yesterday.  My baby younger sister Azania  turned 30.  July is a very interesting month for me because all three of my biological sisters are born in the month of July and I stand alone in the month of August.  My other sister Emily turns 21 this month and that is

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