Writers Block and Love

My husband keeps asking me to write.  I love writing, however writing has not come as easily in the past couple years.  I have actually gotten quite comfortable not writing.  Nahum has been posting recipes and doing quite well at being witty and inventive.  I have been content to sit back and do all the busy work.  Now that my two eldest boys are gone, I don’t know what to do with myself!  I didn’t realize how much homeschooling is woven into my daily routine.  Now that my two school age children are away for the summer I find that I have the time to think.  It’s (gasp) like a mini-vacation I get to take in my home.  Although cooking, cleaning and bill paying is still required.  They left on Thursday and although I spent the day yesterday doing laundry, I kept thinking about writing.  I guess my writers block is lifting. I needed space and time to let my mind wander, which it doesn’t when the older boys are here.

First things first! I want to write about my daughter.  I can’t speak for other parents, but are you in love every single time a child is born?  I know I am!

The Princess

My husband and I can spend all day fighting over who gets to kiss those cheeks! I can’t express enough how insanely I love this little girl! If your wondering, she is just four months and at about 20 pounds I should bottle my breast milk and sell it!

The Princess

She’s not the biggest though. My middle son was 28 pounds at three months! I’m grateful that the Princess is not that big! However, she is quite heavy to carry around! I have been wearing her. It’s just easier that way since public transportation has been our mode of transport lately. She doesn’t mind, she is carried and breast fed on demand. She is redefining the life of a Jewish princess.

The Princess

She’s got us all wrapped around her finger and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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1 comment on “Writers Block and Love”

  1. Eranah

    Ahhh I love her! She is adorable! T was a really big baby I remember 🙂 Love you too! Muahh xoxoxo

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