Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful fathers out there.  As a gift to myself, I am posting my favorite poem that was written by my wife entitled ‘He’.  I absolutely love this poem & I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


his kiss is like the sweetness of bliss if it could be tasted

he makes me fell like each moment spent without him is wasted

our bodies dance completely in tune vibrating underneath half moons

he looks at me in that way “don’t go baby, please stay.”

I didn’t know I could feel this way

so soon after walking away

from a lonely place

I thought I had to stay

until I realized I could not go another day.

Now I wake up to him

his eyes looking at me with such intensity

and in his reflection I see the beauty that used to be me

he touches me so softly, my hair caressed and kissed

and when we part

I am missed


is the  one I seek to spend every day and every week with

so how could I not try at least

he might be my destiny

he seeks to bring out the best in me

and when I am naked, he still want t see the rest of me

I am appreciated from my mind to my lips to my face to my toes and my embrace

when I think of him, I smile

he asks me to come on over and stay a while

but it’s not just me that’s stunned

he’s known me for some time now, but still asks “Where did u come from?”

I suprise him at every turn

we twist and moan and speak soft words

we touch and whisper and smile and laugh

we share and stare int the eyes of each other

and wonder what would one do without the other

I want this feeling to last forever

but we must be quite clever

he knows that things aren’t always easy

but he spiritually feeds me

mentally meets me

and physically heeds me

he is sunshine when my day is gray

he makes all doubts fade away

he is solid and stable like the strongest tree

and he neveer lets me go, always holding me

cause he know I need stability

he is honest and silent and strong

his vision is farther than the day is long

he is the one you think about

dream about

can’t do without

he is the reality, never the fantasy, because I have tasted him and it’s not a dream

it’s better thant it seems

I must confess, no words can express the wholeness of


who is he?

friend. lover. father. husband.

he is

my reflection. my connection. my protection.

he is

the object of my affection

it is HE

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