Age Difference

So, I have a five year gap between the two eldest and the two youngest children.  Currently all the boys share a room. 

Huge Mistake.

If I put up the list of things ripped, torn and mangled by the youngest boy you would never get to the bottom of this post. The 3 year old will not stop messing with their things!  The constant fighting is driving me up a wall!  I really want to know from other parents out there, how you separate different age groups and sexes?  Presently my daughter sleeps in my room for obvious reasons and eventually I plan to give her, her own room because well she is the only girl.  What do I do with the 3 year old boy?

The Bossman

Backtracking a little bit.

The three year old is a bully and terrorizes his brothers into giving him their toys.  He makes sure that he gets his way about 99% of the time.  He bewilders me!  My two eldest were so calm and well behaved at that age. Sometimes I long for those days of peace and serenity with two quiet toddlers, quietly playing and quietly going to bed between 7:30-8 at night. I could always take those two anywhere!

Before son number three came along, I can truly say that before going to bed each night the boys did a bit of tidying up. It was never much, because they were always good about putting their toys back. Now, they have to put all the books back on the shelf, put all the toys back. The room looks like a tornado hit it every single night. My three year old is a whirlwind of movement –running, jumping and talking. He makes the two eldest boys appear mentally and physically slow which is certainly not the case. I have somewhat accepted that he is just different than the other two. I am not that parent. I just think I was a little unprepared for how wild he is. He is loud and demanding. This is not a laid back child at all!

Our long term plans are to either purchase or build a spacious home. However, I don’t think I can wait until then to separate these kids! I think I will always have the two eldest share a room because they are only two years apart and get along reasonably well for being around each other 24/7.

The oldest boys are about to head to Boston for a good part of the summer. While they are gone we plan to do some rearranging. Any suggestions? How do parents of many children maintain peace and quiet? Or is it that once one reaches a certain amount of children any hope for peace and quiet goes out the window?

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