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Eggless Salad

This is basically a follow up to my pita recipe. If you were wondering what the heck to put in your pita besides PB&J which works just fine in a pinch. But who goes through the process of making fresh pita, only to put some peanut butter and jelly in it?

You can put […]

Carob Milk

My husband didn’t introduce me to Carob Molasses until several years into our marriage. I’m still upset that he was holding out on something so vital to my sanity for all of these years. I guess he likes it when I’m crazy, kinda like how he was acting like last night when I moved his […]

Pita Bread

I have been busy, so busy that I have neglected to post. It’s hot, finally. And I have been trying to win a Cuisinart Food Processor on Pioneer Woman as well as a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Wha? Don’t look at me like that! The woman can cook and her giveaways are always something […]


Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful fathers out there. As a gift to myself, I am posting my favorite poem that was written by my wife entitled ‘He’. I absolutely love this poem & I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


his kiss is like the sweetness […]

Writers Block and Love

My husband keeps asking me to write. I love writing, however writing has not come as easily in the past couple years. I have actually gotten quite comfortable not writing. Nahum has been posting recipes and doing quite well at being witty and inventive. I have been content to sit back and do all the […]

Age Difference

So, I have a five year gap between the two eldest and the two youngest children. Currently all the boys share a room.

Huge Mistake.

If I put up the list of things ripped, torn and mangled by the youngest boy you would never get to the bottom of this post. The 3 […]

Wish Tacos!

Wish Tacos!

As promised over a week ago…I present to you the fantastic, the dynamic, the extra super delicious…Wish Tacos! Why the name ‘Wish’, because you are going to wish you can make them right now and after you eat them you’ll wish you won’t have to wait too long before you make them […]

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