Yes we can or I can?

Roasted red pepper and pepper jack cheese panini bliss!

Roasted red pepper and pepper jack cheese panini bliss!

Okay, it’s viral.  I got e-mails coming left and right.  Not only am I the photographer, I am the blogger, the homeschooler, the coder (not very good might I add), the mommy, the wife and business partner.  This company is the brainchild of my wonderful husband.  We are running this business together and today I am a little frightened and overwhelmed.  Frightened because I love this theme, I am just finding it harder than I thought to tweak the code for this theme.

To do list for the day:

  • Give final approval for the cheese labels.
  • Get logo up on the website so we look like professionals (instead of parents homeschooling 4 kids crazy enough to run a business from home while homeschooling)!
  • Get PayPal buttons up on the site (we are in business aren’t we?)
  • Respond to every single e-mail of everyone who wants a piece of our fabulous cheese
  • Post pictures from our homegrown photoshoot of our cheese (photographing food is harder than I thought)!

I can do it!

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