Reality Is Sinking In

Chili cheese fries...teaser shot, recipe coming soon!

Chili cheese fries...teaser shot, recipe coming soon!

I guess vacation time is over…It is the middle of the afternoon and I have finally realized My wife and I have embarked on a venture that requires us to WORK!! I quit/retired/resigned from my last job on my birthday a little over a month ago. At that time I had a vision of what I wanted to do, but that was it. I didn’t have a plan, a financial budget…in fact, I don’t have a clue as to what the hell I was doing. All I knew was my current job was unfulfilling and I wanted to create something on my own again. I am one of those forsaken souls blessed with the excruciating desire to be an entrepreneur. So what do I do…I resigned from my job (I really quit with two weeks notice, but resigned sounds so much better) and said honey, let’s start a business. Why not be presumptuous and spontaneous. Let’s see – we don’t have a lot of savings; we are behind on our rent; our car is barely making it; we just had a baby; we are home schooling our two elementary aged children; we have a high energy toddler; you just got laid off from your job – Hell, it’s a perfect time to start a business in an arena we know nothing about. All I know is that we love each other and have perfect faith in each other. Perfect ingredients to start a successful business, right?

So I spent the last month meditating, cooking great vegan food and tweaking our cheese formulas. The final results, I must say are spectacular and very tasty – on all levels. However, starting a business is a lot of work and I have been chilling more than working over the past month. Well, it’s time to wake up and I am happy to say I am awake. My wife is doing her best to get this website together. There are still some issues, which I am sure some of you have noticed. As they say in the real world…”Excuse our dust as we remodel our store.” She has the hard job, because everything she does is out there for everyone to see. Me on the other hand, I can mess up all I want and none of you will know. Isn’t life grand? I get us into this mess and she gets all the up front blame. That’s how marriage is supposed to be…Husbands are idiots and wives have to clean up behind them. I love you baby, you’re doing great!

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