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Someone has actually confirmed that we are a business…she bought some cheese from us!  Lady R (I don’t want to use her real name because she might not want us to or sue us or something) contacted us last week after our May 2nd tasting.  She, of course, wanted to buy some cheese and we, of course, weren’t really ready to take orders.  We are trying to be professional…you know, labels for our products, a working website – those small details.

However, we were elated to have a potential sale…so we accepted, with conditions.  The conditions…meet us Saturday at Foster Park at about 1PM…we’ll take cash or credit.  That’s how all the legit companies do it…isn’t it?  Kraft, Coca-cola, Heinz…all the big boys slang their goods out of a dirty, run down mini-van at some random park.

So, this afternoon, I load the fam in the sales car, lumber up Lakeshore Drive and settle in at our parkside sales venue.  The park is full of cars, mostly soccer moms watching their kids play at one of the 300 soccer games currently being played.  The perfect cover for a vegan cheese transfer…nobody will suspect a thing.  It probably doesn’t help that of all the spots I could have parked, I park next to a police barrier that reads ‘Police Line – Do Not Cross.’  Can this sale be any shadier?  Lady R is going to see this, if she even shows, and is going to keep on driving.

I could read the potential regretful email in my mind…

  • Sorry for not showing, I had a last minute emergency and could not make it.  Please let me know when you will be available in stores.’

In other words,

  • I doubted you guys from the minute you said meet me at the park, I saw you two questionable business people in that hoopty and I got away from that park as soon as possible.  Ooh, and sorry for the 911 call, I hope the police didn’t arrest you.   If you ever do get legitimate, maybe I’ll purchase something from a store.’

Well, back to reality.  I call Lady R and she is actually on her way!  What? OK? Great!?   Hard to believe she agreed to such scetchy circumstances and is following through with it.  I guess not all people have lost their faith in humanity or believe a couple like us may make it for real one day.

She arrives as my wife and I are fumbling with our newborn.  I pass the little princess off to my wife {good catch honey} and greet Lady R.  Now the BIG moment…she gives me cash and I give her a bag with one each of Ste Martaen’s vegan cheeses.  She only wanted 3 of the 5, but I figured, she was our first customer and actually met us in the park…she deserved the other 2 on the house.

Despite the unprofessionalism of the whole sales process, we are super elated to have made our first sale.  Thank you to Lady R for having faith in Ste Martaen and enjoy your wine and cheese night.

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