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Boca Burger with our Pepper Jack Cheese

Boca Burger with our Pepper Jack Cheese

Ever since we did a tasting for the Chicago Vegan Meetup, things have been moving quickly. Our website was barely set up + ordering and shipping = forgetaboutit! All in stride! This all adds to our charm of course. Doesn’t it? Anyway, I am overwhelmed at how positively, things are moving! We met up with the ultra kewl peeps from delicious cafe. They were not bothered by the fact that we showed up to a business meeting with four kids in tow. They loved our cheeses and meeting with them was so positive that when we stepped outside to our car and the meter man was writing us a ticket, we didn’t get upset. We said more to each other than to the meter man, “I guess it’s too late.” He exclaimed that it wasn’t, stopped writing us a ticket and moved on. Awesome!

Right now, we are setting up meetings and gearing up for production to go into the stores. We get the proofs back tomorrow for our labels and soon, very soon, we will be busier than even we can imagine! I am currently searching out another template for our website. I like this one, but it has some encrypted code that I cannot figure out (doh it’s encrypted). Also, at present I can only adjust one of the sidebars, how bonkers is that? So if anyone can suggest a nice clean theme, easily adjustable that I can incorporate my logo into, that would be awesome.

How many times am I going to say awesome? I don’t know, I just know that it is… 🙂

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  1. DaveDandelion

    Woah, i just saw this! Delicious Cafe has been loving your cheeses (i live right down the street from them). They even dropped their dairy cheese to serve Ste Martaen exclusively! Score one for veganism! Good work, keep it up.

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