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Marinated Tofu Sandwiches – A Lunchtime Favorite

Marinated Tofu w/ Ste Martaen Smoked Gouda vegan cheese

Sandwiches may possibly be the world’s most perfect meal. Two slices of bread bookending an endless array of combinations. I can eat anything between two slices of bread…and I mean anything.

R U serious…anything?

Let’s see…I have eaten spaghetti sandwiches, mac n’ cheese sandwiches, beans […]

Are your children vegan?

The Princess

One question I get asked a lot after I tell people that I am the vegan mother of four children is:

Are your children vegan?

I always think it is an odd question. I can’t imagine being a vegan and raising meat eating children. The idea of cooking separate meals within a […]

Quite Possibly The Best Snack Ever…Goodness Rice Cakes

Goodness Rice Cakes

Simple, quick and amazingly delicious. I have been making these for years and I can’t get enough of them. I often find myself going 3 or 4 weeks without making them; I make a batch; and then I think – Why am I not making these everyday?!

These Goodness Rice Cakes […]


So, um things around here will be changing. I found a theme I like that may or may not be permanent, based on whether or not I get expert help OR I become the expert. Whichever comes first.

Last week I was in the south visiting my grandparents. Of course my grandparents don’t have the […]

There are no words to describe…The Vegan McPizza

Yes, your father is Insane!!

My wife and baby girl have been gone only 6 days and I have officially lost it. What do you expect me to do with 3 boys and a house to ourselves…hold my composure? And anyway, it’s my wife’s fault. About a year ago, she emails me this […]

Cooking w/ Little Z – Latin Asian Fusion Rice (Vegan)

The queen and the princess have traveled for the week, leaving just me and the boys to fend for ourselves. I’ve taken it easy for the past couple of days, serving the boys sandwiches and quick pasta meals. The same thing was about to happen yesterday, but Little Z offered to cook. He didn’t […]

Vanilla Mocha Ice Cream Cake (Vegan) – Ooh sooo good!!

Vanilla Mocha Vegan Ice Cream Cake

It’s Friday and nothing says the weekend like a good desert, well, maybe a nice glass of wine or shot of vodka – depends on how your week went. Heck you all had hard weeks, so pamper yourself and indulge in this delectable […]

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