Monthly Archives: May 2009

Marinated Tofu Sandwiches – A Lunchtime Favorite

Sandwiches may possibly be the world’s most perfect meal.  Two slices of bread bookending an endless array of combinations.  I can eat anything between two slices of bread…and I mean anything. R U serious…anything? Let’s see…I have eaten spaghetti sandwiches, mac n’ cheese sandwiches, beans n’ rice sandwiches, Vegenaise and ketchup sandwiches, cucumber and cheese

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Vanilla Mocha Ice Cream Cake (Vegan) – Ooh sooo good!!

It’s Friday and nothing says the weekend like a good desert, well, maybe a nice glass of wine or shot of vodka – depends on how your week went.  Heck you all had hard weeks, so pamper yourself and indulge in this delectable treat.  I grew up on the East Coast and was in love

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